NFT - the symbol of freedom
on TON

TON Airplane is a symbol of freedom.

These are unique NFTs
symbolizing the power of the people.
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What`s a TON Airplane?
What`s a TON Airplane?

It`s 5.000 unique NFTs, created
for TON. Each airplane symbolizes freedom and unity of people.


Each TON Airplane possesses several features such as:

1 Size
2 Shape
3 Colour
4 Background colour
5 Grow color

What`s all this for?

We want to create a piece of art symbolizing the freedom and unity of people.

Everyone who acquires TON Airplane contributes in development of TON Platform.

The map of the project:

1stquarter of 2022 - is a pre-sale of Airplanes. Preparation for placement on the marketplace 2ndquarter of 2022 - placement on the marketplace, sales organization 3rdquarter of 2022 - marketing research 4thquarter of 2022 - project promotion

It will be released 5,000 Airplanes.
Among them:

Small Airplanes - 4.500 Medium Airplanes - 480 Big Airplanes - 20

During the first pre-sale 100 small, 50 medium and 2 big Airplanes will be sold.
During the second pre-sale round 200 small, 100 medium and 3 big Airplanes will be sold. The price will be higher than during the first pre-sale.

Cash receipts will be used for the implement of the projects and the development of the TON Airplane.
After the release of the marketplace everyone participated in the pre-sale will have the opportunity (the chance) to implement the purchased Airplanes. We hope for a high cost of our arts.

Thank you for choosing us

Our Team.

We have an unusual desire to create something amazing. To implement our plans we have chosen TON. This is our first project but not the last one.